art project leine de lights: over 52,000 visitors

on 25th june, the art project “leine de lights” opened for the 775th birthday of the city. for four weeks the park around the town hall was decorated with lights and sounds. on sunday, 17th july 2016 the installation was dismantled prematurely because of the ndr klassik open air.

that was “leine de lights”: more than 100 truck hoses, equipped with self-sufficient lighting systems, swam on the pond until sunday, july 17th. the light art was accompanied by meditative sounds. the team, consisting of the hanoverian light artist franz betz (trafolab light art laboratory, jürgen rink (executive editor of c’t fotografie), claudia pahl (feinkost lampe e.v.), composer frank s. blumm and anne prenzler (kulturbüro stadt hannover) can be pleased: with around 52,000 visitors over the entire duration, the installation was a complete success.

“without the help of more than 30 volunteers from the arduino group hanover/leinelab and many friends from the swarm art scene, the project would not have been possible in such a short time,” summarized franz betz. “at this point, we would also like to thank the park visitors, who knew how to appreciate this fragile art installation and did not damage it.”

even though the weather had put a spoke in the wheel at the opening party with lord mayor stefan schostok and harald härke, head of the department of culture, many beautiful days followed, during which the installation could be experienced on mild summer evenings. this attracted many photographers from hanover, who gladly accepted the changed appearance of the popular motive “new town hall”.

in addition, many hanoverians take advantage of the weekly guided tours to ask their questions and give the artist direct feedback.

the leine de lights team combined the dismantling with a flea market where the individual elements were sold. elements are still available, including over 100 truck hoses. kindergartens and other interested parties from hanover are welcome to contact the trafolab at if they are interested in hoses from the art installation.

but “leine de lights” is not over, because franz betz is already in conversation with the french twin city rouen: “maybe ‘leine de lights’ will become an export hit”, says franz betz with a wink. the first contacts have been made.

the trafolab makes a summary available in the next days in pictures on and


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