helix 2 light installation in a light protection bunker

as part of the muse festival, the collective of anna pape, franz betz and mara piel will perform the light installation Helix2 in a light protection bunker at weidendamm 46 (corner kopernikusstraße) for the first time.
the two architecture students and the sculptor of lights transform the massive building into a light time journey that ends up with a transformation.
spiral-shaped double staircases with light cells lead inside an unknown place whose original function has long been forgotten. the dimensions get lost surrounded by meter-thick walls and a lack of daylight. artificial light creates new structures and perspectives, starting with a voluntary donation of DNA.

adress: weidendamm 46, 30167 hanover (entrance on the yard side)
access: maximum 30 people at the same time
opening: 7th september 2018, 6pm
opening hours: thursdays 6pm – 9pm / sundays 11am – 7pm
groups are advised to register in advance.

muse – inspirationweeks 2018

friendly supported by
Deutschen Rockmusik Stiftung (+) and viva Messe- und Ausstellungsbau GmbH (+)

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