trafolab at luminale 2018

pop-up manufactory for 5-dimensional light art

the light art laboratory TrafoLab incorporates a pop-up manufactory for the luminale

using cameo laser cutters, components are produced for the light sculpture LICHTSCHWARMWERK (lww5). coloured acrylic sheets made of perspex® are the basic material for transparent pentagons. Kraftplex® serves as a painting base of individual connecting bridges. the visitors create a growing, changing light sculpture during the luminale from these 5,000 components (pentagons and bridges). they become swarm artists who can take a piece of sculpture with them as a monocle of light. thus, the light sculpture lww5 is continuously growing outside the market in the courtyard in a completely real and virtual way.

particularly instagramers are being encouraged to take photos of the lighting components in the pop-up manufactory and throughout frankfurt and offenbach, if possible also with individualised components.
hashtag: #lww5

during the opening hours there will be service in the courtyard with sufficient seating.

opening hours: 18 march 2018, 4pm – 11pm / 19–23 march 2018, 6pm – 11pm
location: markt im hof, wallstraße 9–13, 60594 frankfurt am main

update to luminale 2018

the luminale 2018 is in full swing. we are pleased that many people interested in light are joining us at the pop-up-manufaktur in offenbach and bringing our sculpture to life as swarm artists. even the coloured and colourfully decorated light monocles are already swarming out…

the artist franz betz also offers swarm art projects for team development:

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