“Make your Disco” – The bet for the Maker Faire Hannover

“Make your Disco” – The bet for the Maker Faire Hannover

The Maker Faire team is betting that light artist Franz Betz can build a glittering disco ball from 1500 CDs with a circumference of around two metres in five hours. Will it work?

Dazzling swarm art during the digital Maker Faire on 18.6.2021: In the period from 11:00 to 16:00, the well-known light artist Franz Betz from Trafolab wants to build a disco ball with a diameter of around two metres. The sphere consists of a frame to which CDs are attached with the help of ballpoint pens, pencils and cable ties. How exactly this will work and what the art object will look like still remains a secret.

According to the motto “Become a maker and help build the disco ball”, everyone can already participate in the art project. Send old CDs, pens and pencils to the Maker Faire team and immortalise yourself on the disco ball. The result will be ceremoniously presented at the end of the Maker Faire Hannover – Digital Edition entertainment show.

If the artist and his helpers do not manage to complete the “swarm art” within the specified time period, the Maker Faire team will have to step in and settle their betting debt. Suggestions on what “this punishment” should look like will be collected during the entertainment show. At the end, all participants vote on which “penalty” is appropriate.

By the way: The sparkling disco ball will be finished in any case and will be used at future Maker Faires, for example in the Dark Gallery.

Please send your CDs and pens to:

Maker Media GmbH
Attn: Kristina Fischer
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 10
30625 Hanover

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